Terms and Conditions for Camp Requests

  1. We will collect Dental Council of India (DCI) registration numbers before enrolling in the sampling activity as the samples provided for conducting dental camps are only for practicing Dentists in India.
  2. We will provide Colgate Dental Cream of 12 gm or of an equivalent net quantity available at the relevant time.
  3. Only 100 samples of the available net quantity shall be provided with every request.
  4. Request frequency- Once a quarter, only if the camp completion form is filled with required information.
  5. The process has been put in place in good faith to help you build your practice & better patient compliance.
  6. If the samples are sold in the open market then Colgate Palmolive reserves to take appropriate action in such cases including permanent cessation of sampling activity. 
  7. The participating Dentist shall upload all the photos & videos on the requisite company portals and the same shall be the property of Colgate Palmolive (I) Ltd. & we will be free to use these photos and videos for  internal as well as external communications purposes.
  8. The data collected and shared with Colgate from this camping activity will be stored for a period of  1 year on the company servers post which it will be deleted.
  9. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai to the exclusion of all other courts in India.
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